President George W. Bush Visits Victory Junction Gang Camp

RANDLEMAN, N.C. (October 19, 2006) - President George W. Bush met Victory Junction Gang Camp co-founders Kyle, Pattie and Richard Petty Wednesday before touring the racing-themed camp for chronically ill children.

"This visit enabled the president to see how the camp provides a life-changing experience to the children and their families, free of charge," said Pattie Petty, CEO of the camp. "I can't thank the president enough for taking the time to come visit Victory Junction. I hope this makes every child and parent that has visited the camp very proud."

Bush toured the facility, fishing with some campers and trying his skills on one of the NASCAR simulators. NASCAR Nextel Cup drivers Jimmie Johnson, whose foundation is building a bowling alley at the camp, and Michael Waltrip, who raised $1 million for the camp through a marathon project, were also on hand.

"Pattie and I are honored to have President Bush come visit the camp," Kyle Petty said. "This is exciting for all of us, and we are truly humbled. So many NASCAR drivers, officials and fans have poured their hearts and souls into helping the camp grow.

"President Bush visiting the camp is a great reward for everyone's dedication and an incredible opportunity for him to bring awareness to the plight of a chonically ill child."