Grants from the Ryan Newman Foundation enhance youth camp and provide scholarships for kids

Arlington, VA (June 12, 2009) – Furthering its commitment to protect the great outdoors and reconnect children with nature, Racing for Wildlife announced today two grants that will enhance Cedar Lake Camp near Chelsea, MI, and enable children to participate in conservation education activities.

Through support from the Ryan Newman Foundation, the Racing for Wildlife program will provide funding for three scholarships that will allow children to attend Cedar Lake Camp, a summer camp designed to introduce kids to Michigan’s natural world and instill in them a love and respect for the outdoors.  In addition, the Ryan Newman Foundation will provide $5,000 for construction of a portion of new dock on Cedar Lake.

“Summer camp gives kids the opportunity to fish, canoe and explore the woods,” said Ryan Newman.  “These were all activities I loved as a kid and still love as an adult.  Getting out in nature is something kids get to do less and less these days.  I’m just a glad to be part of an effort that ensures all kids can have those same experiences in the outdoors as I did.”

Racing for Wildlife unites the sports community with passionate land and water conservationists across the country.  The Conservation Fund and the Ryan Newman Foundation launched the program in 2007 to begin building an American land legacy for generations of sports enthusiasts who share Newman’s passion for the outdoors.  Michigan International Speedway was the first track to support Racing for Wildlife and has continued to be involved with the program.

“We applaud the Ryan Newman Foundation and all of the Racing for Wildlife partners for their ongoing support,” said Rex Boner, vice president and southeast representative for The Conservation Fund.  “They’ve made a tremendous commitment that will benefit future generations of outdoor enthusiasts.”

“Race fans are some of the country’s most enthusiastic conservationists and have always shared a love of outdoors with their children,” said Michigan International Speedway President Roger Curtis.  “They’re hunters, they’re fishermen and outdoorsmen, and they love sharing that love for the outdoors with their friends and family.  Thank you to Ryan Newman for helping Michigan preserve one of the truly great family pastimes for generations to come.”

These grants support Racing for Wildlife’s effort to enhance the Waterloo Recreation Area, which includes Cedar Lake Camp and Mill Lake Youth Camp.  Racing for Wildlife is pleased to assist Michigan United Conservation Clubs’ effort to bring children to the outdoors and to provide education programs.  A restoration assessment is currently underway at Mill Lake Youth Camp.

“The Ryan Newman Foundation and Racing for Wildlife unite race fans and sportsmen in their shared love for Michigan’s great outdoors,” said Erin McDonough, director for Michigan United Conservation Clubs’ Institute for Conservation Education.  “Their dedication and support make it possible to turn today’s youth into tomorrow’s conservationists.”

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